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The Mount Garden was set up by The Mount, a church which aims to be radically loving towards the community around it, running a food bank, supporting local people and families and raising the aspirations of local young people. Any profit made goes back into the work of The Mount Garden and The Mount in St Helens. To see & read more about The Mount, click here


We love St Helens, and are passionate about seeing the whole town, particularly Parr & Fingerpost, revitalised and renewed for a new generation. At The Mount Garden we will train up volunteers, work alongside local charities and organisations to bring the community together and look for ways to help wherever we can. 


In everything we do, we aim to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible in a bid to look after our planet. From upcycling equipment and using local companies as suppliers, to using our own home-grown fruit and vegetables and cutting out as much single use plastic as possible.


Our space is for the local community, so we are looking forward to seeing local bands and performers on our stage at festivals and community events. Keep an eye out for anything coming up on our Instagram page! 

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